2.International Voice Competition                   Boris Martinovich 

International Vocal Comepetition Boris Martinovich is classical music songs,opera & operetta voice competition open to all nationalities all around the world, NO AGE LIMIT, named by the world famous American Opera Singer Bass-baritone Boris Martinovich.


More about Boris Martinovich you can read   


 General Information:

Online First Round – Video Submission Deadline   February the 15th 2022.


Online Second Round – Video Submission Deadline  March the 15th 2022. 


Virtual Final Round March the 28th 2022.


* $1,500 The Best Singer Prize and $33,000 overall


* Summer Academy for Singers in Zadar,Croatia- Full Scholarships

*Best Mozart Performance Prize

*Best Verdi Performance Prize

*Opportunity to sign the contracts for future world performances

* Written Feedback from University Faculty and Industry Professionals

* Free admission to Boris Martinovich Online Masterclasses

* Free online Profile, so colleges,artist's management agencies and opera companies can recruit you


* Registration fee 75 Eur or 90$

* Online promotion and contacts with Management Agencies and Opera Companies-every singer is going to be promoted through their own specialy created Profile Page that will presented to the Artists Management Agenices in the World


*Newspaper  Interview and Promotions



Application steps:


1.Register through the Registration Link

2.Pay 75 EUR or 90$ nonrefundable Event Fee (Event Ticket)


3.After paying your Application Ticket (Event Fee) send us your video (ONE VIDEO per each round! )- (check Recording instructions at the end of this page), with the proof of paying the Fee (Printed version of comfirmation is available ) ,via E-mail : alegronb@gmail.com


* Application dead-line is February 15 ,2022.


We do recommend that you apply and send your video as soon as possible,because the minute you apply,your video is going out there and reaching your audience and fans who will be able to vote for you from the moment you apply!




4.Get Reviewed


Audience will vote online for their favorite singers. Jury will take into consideration the number of public votes. 


5. Advance


6.Advance to the Online Second Round and submit a new video as part of the Competition.


6.Final Round: final round goes ALIVE and ONLINE. That means contestants perform Alive and ONLINE in front of Jury members and the Audience Online.

The same song can be used for the Second Round, but a new recording must be made.


​International Jury and the World -wide Audience will review ,vote and score applicants between February 15th until the Finals


Final round of the competition is broadcasted live and online to the judges and the public.


The Final Round is going to be broadcasted online globally.


Winners from all divisions, plus Scholarship Awards, will be announced at the live, virtual Event Finale at 8 p.m. CEST time online



Professionals - opera / classical song:

1. soprano voices,

2. mezzo-soprano voices,

3. tenor voices and

4. baritone voice


University (Pre-professionals) - opera / classical song:

1. soprano voices

2.mezzo-soprano voices,

3.t tenor voices and

4. baritone voices



  • Free choice programme that includes at least 3 pieces from different composers of contrasting periods. Single movements of longer pieces are permitted.


Classical Divisions / Songs

  • Singers should choose 3 art songs from Western Classical Music Repertoire ( F.Schubert, R.Schuman, G.Faure, F.Mendelsson, J.Brahms, S.Barber, R.Strauss, B.Britten etc.) at a level appropriate to their vocal development.

  • Broadway Art songs is accepted.

  • Repertoire can be in any language.

  • At least one song must be from Romantic 19th century German Lied Repertoire

  • Highschool category: we accept arias antique  (Baroque arias) and oratorio arias as well.

Opera Theatre Divisions

  • Selections of 3 opera arias can come from Baroque, 19th and 20th Century Opera Repertoire ( Italian Opera, W.A.Mozart's Opera Works,French, German,American,Russian etc.)

  • Operetta Arias

  • Singers should be able to demonstrate strong acting abilities as appropriate to the literature.



First Round

  • Each singer should record ONE opera aria or ONE classical song of his or her choice (or both if applying for both categories)  for the First Round.

Second Round

  • Singers are required to record a new audition video for the Second Round that includes ONE opera aria or ONE classical song of his or her choice (or both if applying for both categories) . The same song or aria can NOT be used for the Second Round.

Final Round

 * In the Final round singers sing LIVE and ONLINE in front of the Jury and the world-wide audience. For the Final round new opera aria or / and classical song should be prepared and presented.​

The audience has the right to vote for the contestants.

The voting is Donation based.

General Video Guidelines:




PLEASE do not use external microphones. Try to get as close-up as possible on video recordings. Try to frame the shot from the waist up, with not too much empty space above the head in frame. Also try to raise the video source closer to eye level so that the judges can see you more face to face, rather than looking up at you. Film in landscape/horizontal frame. Record ONE selection in its entirety. 

Accompaniment options:Live piano accompaniment. Accompanist App or other online piano accompaniments are acceptable too.


* we accept phone, video or zoom video recordings. You do not have to film a studio based video.

For any questions do send an E-mail to Christine Watt at : alegronb@gmail.com


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