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TO THE EVENT where your career begins!

Application Deadline: March the 15th. 2022.

*Be heard!

*Be promoted!

*Find your agent!

*Get Your job!

*Improve your voice technique and your skills!

*Win valuable prize!

* $1,000 First Place Prize and $35,000 overall

* Competitive Jury Made of the World-Famous Artists Singers, Conductors, Artistic Directors & Managers


*Digital performances world-wide

*Live Performances

*Voice Masterclasses with Boris Martinovich-full scholarship

* Workshop: Prepare your mind and your body for the 4th Industrial Revolution-scholarships

* Free online Profile promotion

* Registration fee 90 Eur / 90$ 

(The Fee is nonrefundable)

* Online promotion and contacts with Management Agencies and opera companies-every singer is going to be promoted through their own specially created Profile Page that will be presented to the Artists Management Agencies in the World

*The Competition aims to encourage participants and artist to create an online presentation of themselves that will be distributed and promoted worldwide online

*The III.International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich is committed to environmental sustainability through its design and the activities. To this effect we will reduce the environmental impact of our operations and production’s spaces by continually monitoring our performance, reducing utility usage wherever possible and sustainably procuring goods and services. Audience, competitors, as well as the staff will be encouraged to travel to the performances and work with public transport. We will provide “carbon literacy training” to our partners, artists, and staff members. It will begin offering the workshops to the public as online courses. Topics will include goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will, also, embed environmental themes and engagement into our communication and dissemination activities.

We are strongly supporting Digital Transformation in the performiing arts sector,which includes using new technologies: live streaming of the productions, as well as the training and the preparation activities, to wide audience's 3D virtual model showings, digital sets, online meetings, and CRM software to digital ticketing, to improve the project’s activities.

The III. International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich commits to gender distribution and enhance the participation of women in all activities, adhering to the Amsterdam Treaty of May 1999, Roadmap for Equality between Women and Men and the EU's Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025.


-to connect talented singers with artists managers and agents 


-to provide them career development,auditions and job opportunities


-to connect voice students with Universities all around the world


-to promote singers


-to promote voice teachers


-to promote schools,universities ,agencies and opera companies


-to promote artists

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International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich is Branded event for the promotion and career development,contacts,information about the auditions and job opportunities for singers,voice students ,agents ,opera companies and opera directors by implementing new digital practices 

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