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Meet our Jury Members

Youngmee Koo

KAF Enterteinment Company -CEO
La Primavera Opera-director of Publicity

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Ms. Koo was born in Seoul, Korea and studied music at Choongang University, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (New York), Mannes School of Music (New York) and University of Las Vegas in Nevada (UNLV).  After earning her B.A of Music, Ms. Koo studied under the mentorship and lifetime mentor Karen Ritcher, professor at Julliard and Mannes College of Music with revolutionary pioneer performer Dr. Corelli and various chamber ensembles  in New York, Ms. Koo gain the skills needed to be a world-class concert manager and own the world top class  entertainment organization, publicity and studied music with the great Ukrainian-born conductor Taras Krysa at UNLV,  Ms. Koo has performed in a string quartet with Yuri Kirk, Patrick Dorothy, and Rebecca Sharvin (New York), in a string trio with Sandro Radu (Las Vegas), in a string ensemble with Mannes alumni (New York), and with the Mannes Orchestra (New York), Riverside Orchestra (Riverside CA), New York Chamber Orchestra, Brooklyn String Ensemble, and Palm Springs Orchestra, Santa Mornica symphony orchestra and performs  regularly at Zipper Hall, Hollywood Ball Theater, Thousand Oaks Theater and Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), Lincoln center(New York) and Santa Fe Music Festival (New Mexico). Ms. Koo (Master’s of. Div., New York Theological Seminary) also works a music minister, missionary,

producing musicals, dramas, competitions and concerts(classic and contemporary), with her own scripts, composition, dancing, director, act, playing multi instruments, producer for world top class effects of performances, .She has also been a member of the watercolor painter’s association in New York and Las Vegas for the past 16 years, Korean American Writer’s association boarder, vice chairman in US, Founder of World Art Cultural mission to rescue orphans and help missionaries, CEO of KAF Entertainment Corporation in US and South Korea, Member of Hollywood Art Cultural group leader's networking.

Ms. Koo is in partnership with some of Korea's most famous opera companies and entertainment companies, and is researching the project to discover the next generation of artists and inform the world, Ms. Koo had been director of publicity of Primavera Opera  when she was with Boris Martinovich in 2017.

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