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M.Glinka* - Boris Martinovich, Alexandrina Pendachanska*, Chris Merritt, Stefania Toczyska, Stoil Georgiev, Mincho Popov, Konstantin Videv, Sofia National Opera Orchestra*, Sofia Festival Orchestra, Emil Tchakarov ‎– A Life For The Tsar



Style:Romantic, Opera




A Life For The Tsar (Ivan Susanin), Opera In Four Acts And Epilogue
A Life For The Tsar, Overture8:31
A Life For The Tsar, Act 1 
Introduction; Chorus Of Peasants(leader): In Storm And Gale7:29
Cavatina And Rondo; Antonida: I Gaze Toward The Field, The Open Field7:26
Susanin: Why Dream Of Weddings, And Chorus6:04
Sobinin: Infinite Joy!, Trio And Finale18:26
A Life For The Tsar, Act 2 
Polonaise And Chorus Of Poles: After The Battle The God Of War4:46
Finale; Commander: Where Are You From?5:21
A Life For The Tsar, Act 3 
Vanya: When They Killed His Mother, And Duet Of Vanya And Susanin9:27
Chorus: Off To Work In The Woods We Go6:19
Quartet; Susanin: Antonida! Dear Children!11:48
Susanin: Thus, Thank God, I Have Lived14:05
Wedding Chorus (Maidens): Spring Waters Stream And Flow3:13
Romance; Antonida: I Am Not Grieving Over That, Dear Friends 
Finale; Sobinin: What's Up? How Could The Poles11:19
A Life For The Tsar, Act 4 
Chorus Of Peasants: Long Have We Not Seen, And Aria Of Sobinin9:05
Aria Of Vanya: The Poor Horse Fell In The Field11:53
Chorus Of Poles: We Are Tired!4:06
Aria Of Susanin: They Sense The Truth!6:00
Reitative Of Susanin: Not Long Ago In My Family, And Finale14:37
A Life For The Tsar, Epilogue 
Chorus: Glory, Glory To The Holy Rus'!1:53
Antonida: The Same Old Sorrow And Grief In My Soul, And Trio11:13
Finale; Chorus: Glory, Glory To Our Russian Tsar!4:05

M.Glinka:A Life for the Tsar

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