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My target is to develop my songingskills to be more confident with the the musical language as including
interpretation, prounancation to be able to freely use my voice as an instrument in a musical context. At
last but not least important to be able to share my love and passion for song and music with the audience.


Special education

 2020 Onlinecourse in songteqnique for Johan Christensson. He has since the 1990s established
himself as one of Scandinavias leading and most in-demand concert singers.
 Masterclass in song, Weekend-course, active, Framnäs Johan Christensson in 2018
 Johan Christensson during 2017
 songstudent for Carina Stenberg, 2015
 songstudent for Claudio Morbo, 2015
 My father Bo Armand Olsson as he has a solid music education and experience for over 40 years
and been working as conductor, singer and opera singer in Norrlandsoperan during his career and
professional life. He has also having plenty of employments as organ player in many churches in
different places geographically here in Sweden

Soloist in Churches

 Luleå Dom Church 2019, Ordets dag, psalmer och Ur bibliska sånger, Dvorak
 Duet O Holy Night, Lulea Dom Church, julotta Christmas 2017
 Luleå Dom Church, Psalm 24 Davids psalm, Görer Portarna Höga, Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus,
17/12, third sunday after advent,
 Skåne, Vonga Church, Litanei, Panis Angelicus, I Himmelen, Libera Me, sunday after All Saints Day
5th of november in 2017
 Quartet Norrfjärdens Church and Jokkmokk Jesu sju ord på korset, evangelist in 2017
 Luleå Dom Church together with Luleå domkyrkas vokalensemble Addams Julsång (O Helga Natt),
Christmas of 2016
 Vånga och Oppmanna Church, Skåne, Så skimrande, Let us wander, (duet), Vilse, summer of
 Luleå Dom Church, Jesu Dulci Memoria (Otto Olsson), I Himmelen (Grieg), Concert 2013
 Andakt i Porsö Church, Dietrich Buxtehude Ur: Membra Jesu Christi, Longfriday the 6th of april
 Örnäsets Church, Springconcert In Between, söndag Lascia Chio Pianga (G F Händel), Ave Maria
(F Schubert), Ombra Mai Fu med recitativ(G F Händel), sunday den 27th of may 2012

 Kalix Church, funeral, You raise me up (Josh Groban), á Capella, Ave Maria (Schubert), á Capella,
 Solo Gammelstadens Church, säg minns du psalmen vi sjöngo, (Mercanto), New years day in 2012
 Julotta Luleå Dom Church, Addams Julsång (O Helga Natt), Giv mig ej glans, Sibelius in 2011
 Gudstjänst Örnäsets Church, Dvorak bibliska sånger, Jerusalem (Mendelsohn), Panis Angelicus
(Cesar Franck) in 2011.
 Örnäsets Church, Adams Julsång (O Helga Natt), Christmas of 2010
 Kvällsmusik Örnäsets Church Panis Angelicus (C Franck), I en skog på berget Ida (J Offenbach),
Längtan till Italien och Aftontankar vid Fridas ruta (B Sjöberg), Jeg elsker dig (E Grieg), Tonerna (C L
Sjöberg), sunday the 19th of september in 2010.
 vi sjunger ut julen, Näshulta Church, Adams Julsång (O Helga Natt) och Giv mig ej guld (J. Sibelius),
6th of january in 2006.
 Dom Church in Göteborg,, Sibelius Julvisa (Giv mig ej glans), Christmas in 2005.
 Sommarmusic; Alla Helgons, Church Östertälje Vilse (Ferlin), Så skimrande (E. Taube), 7th of
june in 2000.
; Alla Helgons,Church Östertälje, Vilse (Lillebror Söderlundh)
2th of june in 1999,
 Alla Helgons Church, Östertälje Johannespassionen (J. S Bach, recitativ, jesus, före koralerna, 28
during the period of 1999-2001.

Oratorios, passions, Fairs and Requiems

 Rossini Messe Solenelle, Luleå Dom Church in 2017
 Frank Martins fairs för double choir, (Luleå Domchurch och Örnäsets Church in mars 2015)
 The Christmas Oratorio (1-3), med Luleå domkyrkas vokalensemble, in december 2014
 Brahms Requiem in 2013,
 Faurés Requiem, Händels Messias Örnäsets Church, in 2012
Verdis Requiem in both Luleå Dom Church and Örnäsets Church in 2012
 Oratorie Choir in Eskilstuna, Verdis Requiem, in 2006


Recordings, participants in ”Bara du går över markerna”, Soloist in Jesu dulcis Memoria, By Otto Olsson in
2018, streamings on spotify

Opera Choir

 Stefan Dahlberg (Stefans Majgala), Ur trubaduren Coro de Zingarie och Stride la Wampa,
 Sista aktens final ur Carmen, Operadöden, Lill Lindfors o kör, O Isis und Osiris ur Trollflöjten,
Manskör och orkester, Konserthallen in Eskilstuna in 2006.
 Fångarnas kör ur Nabuco (G. Verdi), Brudkören ur Lohengin (R. Wagner), in Eskilstuna in 2007
 Haparanda City hotel, O Danny Boy, Mattinata, ur Don Giavonni, La Ci darem la mano, the 11th
of august in 2017.
 Haparanda City hotel, O Sole Mio, Di provenza il Mar (Germont) mixed repertoire, the 15th of
august in 2016.
 Kulturens Hus, After Work Classics Viva La Italia, solist Germont (Di Sprezzo Degno) ur La
Traviata av Verdi, second act II with continuing to the end of the current act 20th of mars 2015,
 Opera Amahl, Bas, Porsö Church and Bergnäsets Church, 8:th and 9th of january in 2012

Anders Rydberg, 680202-0393, Tunastigen 7, 973 44 Luleå,, Sida | 3
070-393 78 96


 Showboat- backstage Choir Eleven performances, Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna
during september in 2008
Övriga verk
 Sacred Concert, Ellington, Luleå Chamber Choir, with Norrbottens Big Band, Kulturens hus, in
 Sacred Concert, Ellington, Nynäshamns Chamber Choir, (Kungsträdgärden, Stockholm in 1988)
 Ensemble Cosi van tutte (Mozart), tersett, La chi da rem la mano, (Mozart), duet, Let us wander
duet, (Purcell), Umbra Mai Fu med recitativ (solo), Hoppets och Ljusets kapell, 17th of june in
 Umbra jesu, (Buxtehude), Quartet, Porsö Church, Longfriday 6th of april in 2012
 Adolf Fredriks Music Classes during the period of 1983 -1986


Carina Stenberg, sångpedagog, konstnärlig ledare på Musikgymnasiet i Boden,,
070-719 37 79
Monica Wasberg, körledare Luleå domkyrka och Örnäsets kyrka,
0920-22 70 19

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